Project Management Artefacts

Essential Project Management Artefacts

I always wonder what are the essential (must have) Project Management (PM) artefacts? By “artefacts” I mean PM documents, tools, techniques and practices. My goal in this blog is to identify and short list a set of project management artefacts that you should have at a minimum in order to complete your project on time, within budget and scope, while keeping the risk of project failure to a minimum.

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PMLC and SDLC – How are they Related?

There are two life cycles that are associated with product development, regardless of the product and/or industry it belongs to. These are the Project Management Life Cycle and the Product Development Life Cycle. Let me first describe, in a generic way, the relationship between these two life cycles. Later I will explain how the relationship works specifically for software/systems development.

Lessons Learned from a Cancelled Project

Recently I was involved in a project that taught me several valuable Project Management (PM) lessons. I would like to share these lessons with the PM community, especially with new project managers. I inherited this project from an experienced project manager.