Project Management ArtefactsI always wonder what are the essential (must have) Project Management (PM) artefacts? By “artefacts” I mean PM documents, tools, techniques and practices. My goal in this blog is to identify and short list a set of project management artefacts that you should have at a minimum in order to complete your project on time, within budget and scope, while keeping the risk of project failure to a minimum. My view here is industry, size/complexity, and methodology neutral, i.e., they are absolute “must have” artefacts regardless of the industry and the size or complexity of the project.

So, here it is. The attached figure shows my essential PM artefact list at various phases of a project. Items shown in blue texts are documents; red items are tools, techniques or practices.

I have listed here the absolute minimum must haves that (I think) you need to successfully manage your project.

Good luck.